Sunday, July 14, 2013

Story 1: The Scariest Moment of my Childhood

My family and I were walking back from a park near our grandma's house (whom we were visiting in Florida) I was around 7 years old. I dared to race my sister back to the house and of course, I sped ahead. I rounded one of the neighborhood corners and sat on my grandma's lawn, waiting for them to get back. After 20 minutes, they still didn't show. I went up to the house, thinking I could get in and call my mom (I had memorized her number). It turns out, I had gone to the wrong house. The elderly couple who were living there got it in their heads that I would remember what street my grandma had lived on, so they started driving me around. (no, they didn't call the cops) after another half-hour of this, they finally went to where a bunch of police cars were gathered. I stepped out of their car, my mother ran towards me, picked me up, and didn't let me go for the rest of the night. I got to ride in a cop car, and a helicoptor was circling around, looking for me.

It was an exciting night, that's for sure.